Department of Informatics Engineering

The Department of Informatics Engineering of the Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia was established in 1999 under the name “Department of Informatics and Communications” and accepted its first students in September 1999. Under the Official Government Gazette A. 136/5-6-13 the Department was renamed to Department of Informatics Engineering belonging to the Faculty of Applied Technology, located in Serres; in the latter semesters students can choose among the following fields of specialization:
  • Network engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Software engineering

The Department covers the field of Informatics, Telecommunications and Computer Engineering, areas that play a significant role in the Society of Information. It is a particularly active and ambitious Department, which aims at training the future Informatics Engineers by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills and experiences that will make them skilled and high-qualified future engineers.

The provided training aims at creating graduates, who shall have thorough theoretical and technological knowledge and skills that will help them meet the needs of a really large and constantly growing market. A market that includes enterprises and companies involved in products of applied Informatics, software companies, Internet service providers, telecommunications operators, robotics, IoT, big-data analysis, AI entrepreneurs, etc.

It is a highly esteemed and recognized Department, focusing on academic and industrial partnerships, and participation in European and national research programs.

Head of Department

Ηilas Konstantinos
Associate Professor
Τηλ: +30 23210 49150


Marantidou Evi
Pantousi Efi


T.E.I. of Central Macedonia
Terma Magnesias
62124 Serres, Greece

Tel: +30 23210 49118, 49341
Fax: +30 23210 49128

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