Structure - Administration

According to Law 1404/83 on the structure and functioning of Technological Educational Institutions, each T.E.I. is divided into Faculties, covering a range of related technological fields, so that the coordination necessary for the teaching activities and the overall functioning of the T.E.I. is ensured.

Each Faculty is subdivided into Departments which constitute the basic functional academic units and cover the cognitive field of a science.

Each Department is divided into cource groups (C.G.), and each C.G. deals with a particular scientific and technological field of the Department.

The T.E.I. is administered by:

a) the Assembly

b) the Board of Directors

c) the President

d) the two Vice-Presidents (a Vice-President for Academic affairs and Personnel and a Vice-President for Finances and Development)

e) the General Secretary

In particular:

a) the General Assembly, Supreme Authority of T.E.I, consists of the President, the Directors of the Faculties, the Heads of the Departments, the Delegate of the Administrative staff, a Delegate of the S.T.S.( Special Technical Staff ) and a students' Delegate from each Department.

b) The board of Directors of T.E.I. consists of the President, the Vice-President, the Directors of the Faculties and a students' Delegate. The General Secretary of the Institution participates as well.

c) The President whose term in office is four years, represents the T.E.I. and administers it in collaboration with the Board of Directors.

d) The two Vice-presidents, who are elected for four years, replaces the President in case of the latter's absence and helps him fulfill his duties.

Each Faculty is administered by the Board of Directors and its Director. Each Department is administered by the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and its Head. Finally, each Module group is run by the General assembly and the person in charge.

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